Creating TV Brackets and Metal Panels Out of Sheet Metal

Order sheet metals in bulk from Max-Q Metal Products, Inc. in Ontario, California. Our company has more than 50 years of combined experience in the creation of TV brackets, metal panels, and other sheet metal varieties. Prominent original equipment manufacturers have praised our outstanding skills in following client specifications in our production process.

Metal Sheet Parts

Simply give us the blueprint of your product so that we can quickly proceed in assembling it. Currently we can create many parts for motor homes and electronic companies. We also do TV Brackets for LCDs and even vehicles like trailers, boats, and RVs. We're also targeting to provide parts for street sweepers as well.  

Factories and Individual Customers

Max-Q Metal Products, Inc. sells to original equipment manufacturers of trailers, who take charge in installing our retail products and parts on motor homes. Today, we have gone beyond serving dealerships and factories, because now we also sell parts to individuals like you. We offer parts available in standard sizes and in prices that already include shipping expenses. Soon we will have our own portal, where you can see some of our bulk prices in its own page.

Metal Work